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Bandha Yoga | Steps to do Jalandhara, Uddiyana, Mula | Advantages

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Bandha Yoga

Bandha Yoga is an brisk lock that accommodates the prana. There are three bandhas Jalandhar, Mula, and Uddiyana. Bandhas are mainly muscular contractions that enable you to to breathe, focus in your consciousness, and preserve your physique sturdy.

Significance of bandhas in yoga

Bandhas are an integral a part of yoga observe and are thought of to be highly effective instruments for controlling and directing the circulation of vitality within the physique. Listed below are a number of the key advantages and significance of training bandhas in yoga:

  1. Will increase vitality circulation: The observe of bandhas helps to stimulate the circulation of prana (life pressure vitality) all through the physique, which may enhance total well being, vitality, and well-being.
  2. Enhances focus: By focusing the thoughts on the activation of the bandhas, practitioners can develop larger focus, consciousness, and mindfulness.
  3. Helps bodily well being: The engagement of bandhas may help to strengthen the muscle mass within the pelvic ground, stomach, and throat, which may enhance posture, digestion, and respiratory operate.
  4. Balances the chakras: Every bandha is related to one of many chakras (vitality facilities) within the physique, and the observe of bandhas may help to activate and steadiness these chakras, selling larger bodily, emotional, and religious steadiness.
  5. Deepens the observe: Using bandhas can add a deeper layer of consciousness and intention to yoga observe, serving to practitioners to attach extra absolutely with their breath, physique, and internal self.

It’s vital to notice that the observe of bandhas must be approached with care and steerage from a professional yoga trainer, particularly for these with pre-existing medical circumstances. With correct observe and steerage, using bandhas generally is a highly effective instrument for enhancing bodily, psychological, and religious well being. allow us to have 3 bandhas in

Major Bandhas in yoga

Yoga bandhas are inner physique locks or vitality seals which can be generally utilized in yoga practices. There are three main bandhas in yoga:

1. Jalandhar Bandha

Jalandhar Bandh accommodates two phrases, ‘Jala’ means ‘web’ and ‘Dhar’ means ‘to carry’. On this bandha, the community of vitality channels or nadis of the physique is locked. This bandha is often known as chin lock.

 Bandha' (bond, arrest) Pranayama Yoga

Methods to do Jalandhar Bandha:

  • Sit in a cushty yoga sitting pose sukahasna .
  • Place the palms on the knees and be sure that the knees are firmly touching the ground.
  • Shut your eyes and chill out the physique. Breathe usually.
  • Now inhale slowly and deeply after which maintain the breath.
  • Elevate your chin with out tilting the top so far as potential.
  • Now, bend ahead slowly and push your head and neck to the chest.
  • Now, contract your neck and throat muscle mass on the identical time.
  • Decrease your chin and place it on the jugular notch.
  • Maintain your chin down.
  • Contract the throat and neck muscle mass and preserve your again straightened.
  • Take a look at the tip of your nostril.
  • Be on this place for a while.
  • Elevate your chin and neck to revert to the beginning place.
 Bandha' (bond, arrest) Pranayama Yoga

Advantages of Jalandhar Bandha

  • Jalandhara Bandha presses towards two vital glands – the thyroid and the parathyroid glands. These two glands regulate the physique metabolism.
  • This posture works the spinal wire. It enhances blood circulation, thereby enhancing the well being of your spinal wire.
  • The posture may help enhance your capability to focus.
  • It helps free the shoulders and aligns the higher backbone correctly.

Precaution Jalandhar Bandha:

  • Don’t attempt it in case you are affected by respiratory issues.
  • When you have both low or hypertension keep away from this.

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2. Uddiyana Bandha:

 Bandha' (bond, arrest) Pranayama Yoga

Uddiyana Bandha is practiced by pulling the stomach inwards after exhalation and holding the breath exterior. On this Bandha, the stomach muscle mass presses the organs within the stomach towards the wall behind the organ, subsequent to the spinal column.

Methods to do Uddiyana Bandha:

  • Stand with ft hip distance aside and relaxation fingers on knees.
  • Bend knees and head barely.
 Bandha' (bond, arrest) Pranayama Yoga
  • Exhale utterly with pressure. Discover that you simply do that urgent in with each your chest and stomach.
  • Maintain your breath and don’t let any air into your lungs.
  • Inhale by way of the nostril and exhale forcefully. Tighten abs to push air out of lungs.
  • Focus onhollowed your abdomen and feeling the stomach raise.
  • Decrease chin to the chest like in Jalandhar bandha.
  • Maintain for five to fifteen seconds. Launch abdominals, raise chin and breathe usually.
 Bandha' (bond, arrest) Pranayama Yoga
  •  Carry out at the least 3 extra rounds. Take relaxation after every spherical.

Advantages of Uddiyana Bandha:

  • It strengthens stomach muscle mass and the diaphragm.
  • Will increase in lung capability.
  • Improves the coordination between the voluntary and involuntary nervous systemss.
  • Massages stomach muscle mass.
  • Massages important organs corresponding to the guts, abdomen, liver, pancreas, kidneys, and gallbladder and thus improve their efficiency.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Purifies the digestive tract of poisons.
  • Stimulates blood circulation to the mind.

Precaution Uddiyana Bandha:

  • Individuals affected by abdomen or intestinal ulcers mustn’t carry out this bandh.
  • Hernia sufferers mustn’t carry out this bandh.
  • Individuals affected by hypertension and coronary heart illness ought to keep away from this bandh.
  • An individual affected by Glaucoma mustn’t do that.
  • Shouldn’t be executed throughout being pregnant and menstruation.

3. Mula Bandha

 Bandha' (bond, arrest) Pranayama Yoga

Additionally it is referred to as a root lock. It’s practiced on the root of the backbone. Via the observe of this bandha, we will acquire a specific amount of management over this vitality. It eliminates bodily illnesses together with the rise in important vitality.

Steps of Mula Bandha:

  • Sit erect on the carpet in Siddhasana, urgent effectively the perineum with the left heel.
  • Maintain your again erect, your neck straight and your head pointing forwards.
  • Take a deep breath.
  • Now exhale slowly. As you exhale, first tighten the muscle mass round your anus after which your pelvic ground muscle and your sphincter muscle mass.
  • Intensify the contraction as you exhale utterly.
  • Now, bend ahead slowly and push your head and neck to the chest.
  • Maintain this pose for a number of seconds after which launch as you inhale.
 Bandha' (bond, arrest) Pranayama Yoga

Advantages of Mula Bandha:

  • This bandh prevents piles.
  • Mool Bandha improves the secretion of glands located within the decrease stomach is of the physique.
  • It stimulates the digestive energy within the naval area.
  • It purifies, balances, and energizes the pelvic and urogenital area.
  • This is a crucial Bandh for celibacy.
  • Mool Bandha improves focus energy.
  • Our nerves and breath are introduced underneath management.
  • It removes the weak spot of excretory organs and dispels with constipation.
  • It may possibly assist to alleviate despair.

Precaution Mula Bandha:

  • Folks affected by a hernia mustn’t carry out this bandha.
  • Girls affected by gynecological issues ought to seek the advice of their physician earlier than performing this bandha.
  • Follow mula bandh on an empty abdomen.


Yoga bandhas are sometimes utilized in mixture with pranayama (respiratory strategies) and asana (yoga poses) to reinforce the bodily, psychological, and energetic advantages of the observe. Nonetheless, it’s vital to be taught and observe bandhas underneath the steerage of a professional yoga trainer to make sure correct approach and keep away from harm.

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