1 Nature Dance: Nature Girl Stick Dance...with Dogs

Nature Dance: Nature Girl Stick Dance...with Dogs

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أضيف by Watan
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Today's dance was one I filmed on the fly just the other day. I really enjoy pushing my physical and mental limits in outdoor movement and so cold AF weather with my nature warrior sticks seemed like a great idea......until I ran into these dogs and had to stop to pet them OBVS ;)

I started dancing outside because I wanted to be able to act out the characters I was creating in my mind I WILL film the story I'm creating which does serve Mother Earth. I would be honoured and grateful for your donations or either skills, time or money. THANK YOU SO MUCH NATURE TRIBE MATES!!!!! I am so grateful :)


I intuitively dance with my environment, as opposed to in it. I consider this an experience and a live channel flowing through me as a messenger to interpret how it resonates with you. I am grateful people watched the clips of it on facebook and my DYY instagram so I hope you like hearing more about my warrior sticks and seeing the full dance.

Location: Bruce Trail off McCormick
Song: Motion By Dear Rogue
Authenticity Rating - 7/10
My connection to nature (especially trees) led me into my authentic dance and I have been trying to push my improv dance boundaries in the forest....and in different elements of nature. Especially with trees

Join me, Nature Girl, every Thursday for a new nature dance and little discussions about my practice, my training and where and why ones connection with nature, especially trees can help you embrace your own unique embodied movement.

This was filmed live on my instagram page @danceyouryou www.instagram.com/danceyouryou

My dance is my SERVICE to mother earth - I plan to dance with more intention on how this best serves the collective as I firmly believe we are all one.



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