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Well being Advantages and makes use of Of Cow Urine – Medican-health.com

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benefits of Cow Urine

In Ayurveda, cow urine is taken into account to have medicinal properties and is utilized in varied formulations as a pure treatment for a spread of illnesses. It is called “gomutra” in Ayurveda, and it’s believed to have antibacterial, antifungal, and anti inflammatory properties.

It’s nice medication. It incorporates vitamins like Nitrogen, uric acid, hippuric acid, copper, potassium, magnesium chloride, phosphate, ammonia, carotene, golden alkali, chloride, sodium, calcium, vitamin-ABCD, lactose sugar, water, and enzymes, and so on. Due to this fact it’s thought-about as nectar when it comes to medicinal properties.

In line with Ayurveda, the use of cow urine (Gomutra) is for the remedy of analgesics, abdomen ailments, pores and skin ailments, respiratory ailments, enteritis, migraine, jaundice, diabetes, most cancers, tuberculosis, epilepsy, AIDS, oral ailments, eye ailments, diarrhea, stroke, urinary illness, and so on. It’s stated that as a result of disturbance of all three doshas within the physique, ailments are unfold, however ingesting cow urine is a remedy.

Medical scientists declare that the urine of a pregnant cow is the perfect as a result of it incorporates particular therapeutic hormones and minerals. Ingesting virgin cow urine is also divine.

So let’s know the way the consumption and makes use of of cow urine are helpful for you.

How Ayurveda Makes use of Cow Urine (Gomutra)

Listed below are some frequent makes use of of it in Ayurveda:

  1. Detoxing: it’s believed to have detoxifying properties and is utilized in Ayurveda for “panchakarma” remedy, which includes a sequence of cleaning and detoxifying remedies.
  2. Digestive Well being: it’s typically utilized in Ayurveda as a pure treatment for digestive points comparable to indigestion, bloating, and constipation.
  3. Immunity Enhance: it’s believed to have immune-boosting properties, and a few Ayurvedic practitioners suggest it as a pure treatment for enhancing immunity and stopping infections.
  4. Pores and skin Care: it’s typically utilized in Ayurvedic skincare merchandise as it’s believed to have antibacterial and antifungal properties that may assist stop zits and different pores and skin situations.


Consuming and utilizing it has many advantages for the physique. Which helps preserve you wholesome. Many individuals stand up within the morning and eat it.

1. Cow Urine Comprise Many Vital Vitamins

Cow urine (Gomutra) deserves to say “dietary powerhouse”. They include the next essential vitamins:

It incorporates vitamins like Nitrogen, uric acid, hippuric acid, copper, potassium, magnesium chloride, phosphate, ammonia, carotene, golden alkali, chloride, sodium, calcium, vitamin ABCD, lactose sugar, water, enzymes, and so on. Taking such diet on an empty abdomen within the morning can really remedy many ailments. That’s the reason it’s stated that greater than 100 ailments are cured by consuming cow urine.

It additionally has medicinal properties comparable to an antibiotic, antifungal, anticancer, and bioenhancer properties. Using cow urine is legendary as a medication.

2. most cancers

Ayurveda, it’s thought-about a particular medication.
It incorporates antibiotics, antiseptic, antipyretic, antifungal, and antibacterial parts. These parts defend lymphocytes (white blood cells) from demise. It additionally reduces most cancers cells and the expansion or unfold of most cancers. It’s alright to say that it will increase cell division inhibitory exercise within the physique and may be very helpful for most cancers sufferers.

In line with NCI:– Allow us to inform you that the Nationwide Most cancers Institute (NCI), the federal government group that does analysis on most cancers, says that the notion of curing most cancers with natural issues is mistaken. Many instances most cancers might be worsened on account of natural issues, as it might have an effect on radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

3. Digestive Well being

Cow urine fiber has a hyperlink to many well being advantages, together with improved digestion.

Most individuals are affected by issues like constipation, gasoline, weak liver, and indigestion. it ought to eat for such ailments.
It helps to flush out toxins from the physique. By consuming it, you’ll be able to keep away from many health-related issues.

4. Weight Loss

it incorporates copper, which prevents extreme fats freezing. No examine has straight examined the consequences of cow urine on weight reduction. Nevertheless, it does have a number of attributes that may assist to weight reduction.

Aside from this, minerals like vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin D, and creatinine are current in urine which helps in shedding pounds. To beat weight problems, ingesting 4 drops of it blended in a glass of lukewarm water can relieve a point of weight problems.

5. Cow Urine Could Pores and skin Care And Wound Therapeutic

In line with Ayurveda, it makes use of for a lot of magnificence merchandise comparable to shampoo, fash wash, lotions, scrab, and so on.

Gujarat board tells that it’s a necessary ingredient for glowing pores and skin.


The urine of the cow is scorching, astringent, and robust in style, which is a toxic, bacterial destroyer, filled with efficiency, and shortly digested. It may be drunk twice a day within the morning and night.

Ayurveda believes that urine has antibiotics, antifungal and anticancer properties. Cow urine is useful in lots of ailments of kids.
The urine of previous, unwell, and infertile cows shouldn’t be taken. Take cow urine in a glass or earthen pot and filter it with eight layers of fresh cotton material and drink 1 / 4 cup empty abdomen. Cow urine can’t retailer for lengthy, as a result of it will increase the chance of micro organism rising.

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