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Do you Know What’s Tantra Yoga And Why It Is So Highly effective? –

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Tantra Yoga

Tantra has been grossly misinterpreted for a very long time, particularly within the West – it’s offered as liberated tantric intercourse. Conventional tantra yoga is just not sexual, in actual fact, tantra actually means approach or know-how. That is the interior know-how of man.

Tantra yoga is under no circumstances completely different from yoga. Really, a small a part of Yoga known as Tantra Yoga.

Tantra means “growth”. The aim of Tantra Yoga is to broaden your thoughts to be able to entry all ranges of consciousness. It’s used to awaken the actual soul.

It’s not particularly about intercourse, however it’s part of it. It’s also about attaining knowledge and transcending oneself by means of quite a lot of rituals.

What Precisely Is Tantra Yoga?

Tantra Yoga is a non secular observe that originated in historic India, Tibet, and different elements of Asia and has been practiced for hundreds of years. It’s a type of yoga that focuses on increasing consciousness and unifying the person with the common consciousness.

It consists of numerous practices similar to tantric meditation, visualization, mudras, pranayama, yoga Bandha (vitality locks), bodily postures, initiation, Kundalini practices, and mantras to assist practitioners obtain the next state of consciousness. These tantric methods and rituals primarily encourage build up the Kundalini vitality.

Why Tantra Yoga Is So Highly effective?

In Tantra Yoga, the human physique is taken into account a microcosm of the universe, and the aim is to attach the refined our bodies it’s designed for the purification and cultivation of prana and the awakening of the dormant vitality, often known as Kundalini, which rests on the base of the backbone and permits it to rise by means of the chakras, or vitality facilities, within the physique. This course of results in a state of expanded consciousness and non secular awakening. The bodily physique is used to activate vitality by means of asanas, pranayama, mudras, and Shatkarmas.

it additionally emphasizes the significance of relationships and sexual vitality within the non secular journey. It teaches that sexual vitality may be reworked into non secular vitality by means of particular practices and methods.

There are a number of explanation why Tantra Yoga is taken into account highly effective:

Emphasis on vitality: it locations a major emphasis on vitality, each inside and outdoors of the physique. Practitioners discover ways to harness and direct this vitality, which may result in elevated vitality, creativity, and non secular development.

Integration of physique, thoughts, and spirit: it acknowledges that the physique, thoughts, and spirit are interconnected and seeks to combine all three. By doing so, practitioners can obtain a deeper sense of interior concord and stability.

Emphasis on mindfulness: it emphasizes being current within the second and totally conscious of 1’s ideas, emotions, and sensations. This may also help practitioners develop better readability, focus, and focus.

Inclusive and non-dualistic strategy: it views all the pieces as interconnected and acknowledges the oneness of all issues. It doesn’t view something as inherently good or dangerous however fairly encourages people to embrace all facets of themselves and their experiences.


Tantra Yoga is a robust type of yoga that originated in historic India. It’s a non secular observe that mixes bodily postures, breathing techniques, meditation, and visualization to domesticate a deeper reference to oneself and the universe.

Total, Tantra Yoga is a posh and holistic non secular observe that goals to assist practitioners attain self-realization and union with the divine.

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