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Chest Opening Yoga

Shoulder and Chest opening yoga poses develop your coronary heart and rib cage to supply postural advantages—particularly to these of us who spend our days at desks and bent over keyboards.

The poses that open up the chest are notably helpful for contemporary practitioners as a result of many individuals have a tendency to spend so much of time sitting, engaged on computer systems, or taking a look at cellular units, which may result in rounded shoulders and a forward-slumping posture. Chest opener poses, stretch the entrance of the rib cage, shoulders, and higher again, serving to to counteract the consequences of slouching and bringing the shoulders again into alignment.

Other than this, spending a lot time hunched over screens or desks makes the backbone rounded which may trigger Kyphosis and might trigger important spinal deformity. It’s essential to counteract this posture with chest openers.

Additionally, Chest opening yoga poses develop the chest and ribcage, creating extra space for the lungs to develop. This will enhance your lung capability, which may additionally improve your general power ranges and oxygen provide to the physique.

Chest Opening Yoga Poses To Observe

The yoga apply that features each chest openers and different postural strengthening workouts will help you develop a extra aligned and balanced posture over time.

Training chest opener poses with mindfulness and focus can enhance your physique consciousness, alignment, and sensations in your chest and again, and might make acutely aware changes to enhance your posture all through the day.

Chest and shoulder opening yoga poses vary from delicate to excessive and are only when finished after a bending yoga pose.

Listed below are some beginner-friendly yoga stretches and upper-body stretches that focus on the chest and shoulder.

Downward Canine pose (Adhomukha Savasana)

Advantages: In Downward Dog, you’ll be able to add chest variations by shifting the load barely ahead and bringing the shoulders immediately over the wrists. This helps to strengthen the shoulders and enhance stability within the higher physique. It additionally stretches the shoulders and hamstrings, improves posture, and builds higher physique power.

Steps: Begin in your palms and knees, along with your palms shoulder-width aside. Elevate your knees off the ground, pushing your hips up and again. Straighten your legs and arms as a lot as doable. Chill out your head between your arms, and deal with lengthening your backbone and stretching your shoulders.

Cow Face Pose (Gomukhasana)

Advantages: Gomukhasana stretches the shoulders, higher arms, and chest. It helps alleviate tightness within the shoulders and will increase flexibility. Common apply can enhance posture and relieve rigidity within the higher physique.

Steps: Sit on the ground along with your legs prolonged in entrance of you. Bend your proper knee and place your proper foot on the skin of your left hip. Cross your left leg over your proper leg, putting your left foot on the skin of your proper hip. Stack your knees on prime of one another. Lengthen your proper arm overhead, bending it on the elbow, and attain your left arm behind your again, bending it on the elbow. Attempt to clasp your fingers collectively. Repeat on the opposite facet.

Pet Pose (Uttana Shishosana)

Advantages: The puppy pose stretches the shoulders, higher again, and backbone. It opens the chest, elongates the backbone, and releases rigidity within the shoulders. Common apply can enhance posture, relieve higher again ache, and promote leisure.

Steps: Start on all fours in a tabletop place. Stroll your palms ahead, holding your hips stacked over your knees. Decrease your chest in direction of the ground, extending your arms ahead and resting your brow on the mat or a block. Preserve your hips elevated and your arms energetic. Really feel the stretch in your shoulders and higher again. Maintain for a number of breaths, then slowly come out of the pose.

Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

Advantages: Cobra pose stretches the entrance of the torso, chest, and shoulders. It helps enhance posture, strengthen the again muscular tissues, and enhance spinal flexibility. It additionally stimulates belly organs and might relieve delicate again ache.

Steps: Lie face down on the ground, putting your palms beneath your shoulders, fingers unfold large. Press your palms into the mat and slowly carry your chest off the bottom, holding your pelvis and legs on the ground. Draw your shoulder blades again and down, opening your chest and lengthening the entrance of your physique. Maintain the pose for just a few breaths after which decrease again down.

Thread the Needle Pose (Parsva Balasana)

Advantages: This pose targets the shoulders, higher again, and neck. It helps to launch rigidity and tightness within the shoulders and improves flexibility. It additionally gently stretches the backbone and might alleviate stiffness within the higher physique.

Steps: Start on all fours in a tabletop position. Slide your proper arm beneath your physique, threading it between your left arm and left knee. Decrease your proper shoulder and temple to the ground. Lengthen your left arm ahead or attain it up in direction of the ceiling for a deeper stretch. Maintain for a number of breaths, then change sides and repeat.

Prolonged Triangle Pose (Utthita Trikonasana)

Advantages: Utthita Trikonasana prompts your core muscular tissues, which aids in steadiness and stability. It helps strengthen the thighs, knees, and ankles, improves postural alignment, in addition to opens the hips, chest, and shoulders.

Steps: Stand along with your ft large aside. Flip your proper foot outwards and lengthen your arms out to the edges, parallel to the ground. Attain your proper hand in direction of your proper foot whereas holding your legs straight. Enable your left arm to increase upwards, making a straight line out of your left foot to your left hand. Repeat on the opposite facet.

Fish Pose (Matsyasana)

Advantages: Matsyasana is a robust heart-opening yoga pose. The expansive nature of fish permits for deep respiratory, which may enhance lung capability and oxygen consumption.

Steps: Lie in your again along with your legs prolonged and arms by your sides. Slide your palms beneath your hips, palms going through down. Press your forearms and elbows into the mat, carry your chest, and tilt your head again, permitting the crown of your head to relaxation on the ground. Preserve your legs engaged or cross them in a lotus place. Maintain the pose for just a few breaths after which slowly launch it.

Supported Shoulder Stand (Salamba Sarvangasana)

Advantages: Supported Shoulder Stand is an inversion that gives a deep stretch for the shoulders, neck, and higher again. It helps to alleviate rigidity, enhance circulation, and stimulate the thyroid gland. This pose additionally promotes a way of calmness and leisure.

Steps: Lie in your again along with your legs prolonged. Bend your knees and place your ft flat on the mat, holding them hip-width aside. Press your palms firmly into the mat to help your decrease again. Elevate your legs off the bottom, Use your core power and carry your hips off the mat. Make a straight line out of your shoulders to your ft. Preserve your neck relaxed and gaze in direction of your toes. Maintain the pose for just a few breaths.

Wheel Pose (Urdhva Dhanurasana)

Advantages: Wheel Pose is a deep heart opener, stretching the entrance physique, chest, and shoulders. It helps to develop and open the chest, growing power circulate via the center middle. It additionally engages and strengthens the muscular tissues of the again, shoulders, arms, glutes, and legs.

Steps: Lie in your again on the ground. Fingers-on the mat beside your ears, fingers pointing in direction of your shoulders. On an inhalation, carry your hips off the ground, coming into Bridge Pose. Elevate your torso off the mat, extending your arms totally and straightening them. Lifting your chest in direction of the ceiling, press via your palms and ft. Maintain the pose for a number of breaths.


Chest opening poses counteract the consequences of slouching and rounded shoulders, that are frequent in immediately’s sedentary life-style. By stretching the chest muscular tissues and opening the entrance physique, these poses enable for fuller and deeper breaths. This will enhance lung capability, oxygen consumption, and general respiratory perform in addition to assist launch rigidity and tightness within the chest, shoulders, and higher again. Additionally creates a way of lightness and freedom within the higher physique.

Some frequent chest and shoulder opening yoga poses embrace Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana), Camel Pose (Ustrasana), Fish Pose (Matsyasana), Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana), and Wheel Pose (Urdhva Dhanurasana).

Incorporating these poses into your yoga apply can contribute to a balanced and wholesome physique.

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