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Merudanda Mudra

Within the realm of mythology and symbolism, the Merudanda Mudra is related to Hinduism and the idea of the Meru or backbone (pathway of Kundalini vitality).

Merudanda Mudra That means

Merudanda mudra is a sacred hand gesture or ‘seal,’ which is normally acquired throughout meditation and pranayama practices. This straightforward yoga hand gesture is used to evoke the yogi’s deal with the breath, amongst different advantages.

Merudanda Mudra is also referred to as Spinal Column Gesture, the place Merudanda, means “backbone” or “spinal column”; and mudra, which means “seal” or “gesture.” Merudanda refers back to the spinal column, which is taken into account the energetic pathway within the physique.

Working towards this mudra is believed to activate and stability the vitality within the spinal column, selling bodily and energetic alignment. It’s thought to boost the stream of prana (life power vitality) by means of the physique, enhancing general vitality and well-being. Working towards this mudra commonly may assist with posture, and spinal well being, and helps within the grounding of the energies of the practitioner.

The mudra can be believed to facilitate the upward motion of vitality alongside the backbone, activating the chakras and fostering non secular progress.

In Hindu mythology, Mudra is claimed to symbolize the symbolizing stability, stability, and the connection between the earthly and divine realms.

Do Merudanda Mudra

To carry out the Spinal Column Gesture, comply with these steps:

  • Sit comfortably on the bottom (if potential) in a cross-legged place (Sukhasana) or Vajrasana or on a chair along with your backbone straight and erect.
  • Carry your palms collectively on the coronary heart middle with the palms going through down.
  • Lengthen your thumbs upward, Curl your fingers in direction of the palms to type a fist.
  • Touching the guidelines of your thumbs collectively (Adho Merudanda mudra).
  • Shut your eyes and focus your consideration in your backbone. Visualize vitality flowing alongside the spinal column, from the bottom of the backbone to the crown of the pinnacle.
  • Take sluggish, deep breaths, and with every inhalation, think about drawing vitality up from the bottom of the backbone to the highest of the pinnacle. With every exhalation, really feel the vitality descending again down the backbone.
  • Preserve the hand gesture and the visualization for a couple of minutes or so long as you are feeling comfy.
  • Keep in such a place for 8-10 breaths.

Merudanda Mudra Advantages

The Spinal Column Gesture is believed to supply a number of advantages when practiced commonly.

It’s related to Kundalini vitality, the dormant non secular vitality believed to reside on the base of the backbone.

Common follow of this mudra can awaken the Kundalini vitality, resulting in non secular progress and enlightenment.

Merudanda Mudra follow may also help enhance posture, relieve pressure, and improve general spinal well being.

This Mudra can be believed to harmonize the vitality facilities or chakras alongside the backbone.

Other than the deal with the spinal column, mudra could take away vitality blockages and improve the stream of significant vitality.


Merudanda Mudra holds significance in mythology and symbolism. Its follow is primarily related to yogic strategies and meditation.

In Hindu mythology, the backbone is thought to be the pathway of Kundalini vitality—a dormant, coiled vitality positioned on the base of the backbone. The Merudanda Mudra is assumed to awaken and information the ascent of Kundalini vitality, resulting in non secular awakening and enlightenment.

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