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7 Susceptible Yoga Poses – Mendacity on the Stomach – Medican-health.com

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Prone Yoga Poses

Susceptible yoga poses are yoga postures which can be carried out whereas mendacity in your abdomen. They usually contain extending and stretching the entrance of your physique whereas partaking the muscle mass of your again. Susceptible poses might help strengthen the again, open the chest, enhance posture, and improve flexibility within the backbone.

Earlier than beginning any inclined poses, heat up your physique with a number of mild actions and stretches. Give attention to sustaining correct alignment all through the poses. Maintain your shoulders away out of your ears, elongate your backbone, and interact your core muscle mass to assist your decrease again. Keep away from extreme compression or rigidity within the neck and decrease again.

In case you’re new to inclined poses or have restricted flexibility, begin with easier variations and step by step work your means as much as extra superior poses.

Listed below are a number of examples of inclined yoga poses:

Checklist of Susceptible Yoga Poses

Under we’ve listed 7 inclined postures of yoga. Learn every pose rigorously to search out out step-by-step directions, advantages, and precautions.

Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

How to do bow pose (Dhanurasana)

Dhanurasana stretches the entrance of the physique, strengthens the again muscle mass, and stimulates the digestive system.

  • To do Dhanurasana, first, lie down in your abdomen.
  • Bending the knees, carry them close to the waist, and maintain each ankles together with your arms.
  • Now elevate your head, chest, and thigh upwards.
  • Attempt to take the burden of your physique on the decrease stomach.
  • Attempt to pull the physique ahead by holding the toes.
  • Do that posture for about 15-20 seconds in response to your capability.

You must keep away from practising this asana if you’re recovering from a hernia, excessive or low blood stress, decrease again ache, migraine, headache, neck harm or current stomach surgical procedure.

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

How to do Bhujangasana

Bhujangasana helps strengthen the again muscle mass, improve flexibility,  lower the stiffness of the decrease again, and opens the chest.

  • lie in your abdomen
  • Maintain the legs straight and open and place the palms close to the chest in keeping with the shoulders. Maintain the physique in a cushty state.
  • Now be part of your toes collectively and lengthen your arms straight in entrance of you. Maintain the brow on the bottom.
  • Pull the arms again in direction of the chest and place the palms on the bottom close to the chest.
  • Taking a deep breath, increase your higher physique upwards. Your elbow needs to be in a straight line with the physique throughout this.
  • Stretch the legs in such a means that you don’t really feel a lot stretch. Elevate the top upwards as a lot as doable.
  • Keep on this place for 15-30 seconds.

This asana shouldn’t be practiced in case of hernia, again harm, headache and stomach surgical procedure or harm.

Makarasana (Crocodile Pose)

How to do Makarasana

Makarasana is a superb pose to observe for stress aid, calming the nervous system, and selling deep rest. It’s notably helpful for relieving rigidity within the again, neck, and shoulders.

  • Lie down in your again by spreading a seat on the bottom.
  • Unfold each arms equal to the shoulders.
  • Elevate the legs up by elevating the palms up and making an angle of 450 with one hand down.
  • Now transfer the toes to the best. Stretch each arms.
  • Exhale whereas inhaling.
  • Then flip the legs to the left and switch the neck to the best.

Don’t observe Makarasana within the situation of extreme ache within the neck, head or again.


Sarpasana is a delicate backbend that may be integrated into your yoga observe to enhance posture, relieve rigidity within the chest and shoulders, and promote a way of openness and vitality within the entrance physique.

  • Lie in your abdomen; Your legs needs to be straight, and your toes needs to be collectively.
  • Maintain your chin on the ground. After this, interlace the fingers and place your arms in your buttocks. That is the beginning place of the snake pose.
  • Subsequent, use your decrease again muscle mass to elevate your chest off the ground so far as doable.
  • Push your arms again and attempt to increase your arms as excessive as doable. Think about somebody is pulling your arms from behind.
  • Attempt to increase your physique as excessive as doable with out straining.
  • Subsequent, squeeze your shoulder blades collectively and look straight forward. Keep this place so long as it’s comfy.

Individuals with hypertension (hypertension) and different coronary heart issues ought to keep away from doing this pose. You must keep away from practising this pose when you’ve got vertebral and disc situations.

Shalabhasana (Locust Pose)

This inclined yoga posture strengthens the again muscle mass, tones the glutes, and stretches the entrance of the physique. It may be practiced by itself or as a part of a sequence.

  • To do Shalabhasana, initially, lie down in your abdomen.
  • Maintain each your legs straight and preserve your toes straight and upwards.
  • Straighten each arms and press them below the thighs i.e. press your proper hand below the best thigh and your left hand below the left thigh.
  • Maintain the top and mouth straight.
  • Take a deep breath inward.
  • Attempt to elevate each legs upwards, and lift the legs as a lot as doable to your most peak.

This asana shouldn’t be completed within the situation of hypertension. An individual affected by coronary heart illness ought to keep away from the observe of this asana.

Advasana (Reverse Corpse Pose)

Advasana is a pose of deep rest and give up. It permits the physique and thoughts to relaxation and rejuvenate, selling a way of calm and well-being. It’s particularly helpful for decreasing stress, releasing rigidity, and aiding in rest.

  • Begin by mendacity flat in your abdomen on a yoga mat or comfy floor.
  • Prolong your legs straight again, hip-width aside, and loosen up your toes.
  • Permit your arms to relaxation alongside your physique, palms going through up.

Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (Upward-Dealing with Canine Pose)

Upward-Facing Dog Pose, is a backbend pose generally practiced in yoga. It stretches and strengthens the higher physique, opens the chest, and improves spinal flexibility. It’s typically integrated into sun salutations or vinyasa flow sequences.

  • Begin by mendacity flat in your abdomen.
  • Place your palms on the mat, barely in entrance of your shoulders, together with your fingers pointing ahead.
  • Press your palms firmly into the mat and interact your arm muscle mass.
  • Inhale and elevate your chest off the mat, straightening your arms. Maintain your elbows near your physique.
  • Carry your head gently and direct your gaze ahead or barely upward.
  • Have interaction your leg muscle mass by urgent the tops of your toes firmly into the mat.
  • Breathe deeply and maintain the pose for 15 to 30 seconds, or so long as feels comfy for you.

When you’ve got any form of drawback together with your wrist, then watch out whereas doing this asana, in any other case, the scenario can turn out to be critical.


These are only a few examples of inclined poses which may be included in a yoga class. The particular poses practiced will differ relying on the fashion of yoga being taught and the trainer’s sequencing preferences.

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