6 Varieties Yogic kriyas and Their Advantages that you must know

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Yogic Kriya

There are 4 dimensions to our life- Karma, Kriya, Bhakti, and Gnana. Any yoga you do falls beneath these 4 dimensions. There may be Bhakti-yoga related to one’s feelings, Gnana yoga with the mind, karma yoga related to the physique, and yogic kriyas or kriya yoga is an historic meditation method that’s related to life power.

What are Yogic kriyas?

The phrase ‘Kriya’ itself means – mobility.

If discuss Kriya Yoga, it is named the traditional yoga methodology. Round 1861, Lahiri Mahasaya, a disciple of Mahavatar Babaji, began it once more. Kriya Yoga is an historic meditation method that hastens your non secular improvement course of. It contains residing life in addition to further meditation practices.

All yoga strategies work with Kriya Yoga. Kriya yoga asana is a combined apply of Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha Chakra, Prana, Mantra Chanting, and many others.

Yogic Kriyas are also called Shuddhi-Kriya, Saucha, Sauca, Shudhi-Karan, Shat-kriyas, Shat-karma, Shata-Karma.

In different phrases, we will say that simply because the exterior organs of the physique are cleaned, in the identical manner, cleansing their inner organs can be crucial. Historical yogis discovered that Kriya Yoga is a method by which it helps to scrub and take away undesirable substances saved within the inner organs of the physique.

A number of yoga Kriyas have been prescribed, by which human improvement may be accelerated. Kriyas also needs to be carried out after asana and pranayama. Though it’s thought-about very tough to carry out Kriyas, kriyas get rapid advantages.

There are six kinds of yoga kriyas That may perceive by making ready the physique internally.

Advantages of Yoga Kriyas

We are able to get divine data by the traditional yoga methodology “Kriya Yoga”. Kriya Yoga has strategies that assist in awakening the sleeping consciousness and energy of an individual.

On this, the seven chakras of your data, mind, and physique are woke up which accelerates the method of non secular improvement.

It is among the strongest and difficult strategies which is the very best yoga for focus and self-awakening.

Now, allow us to focus on the 6 kinds of kriyas and their advantages:

Forms of Yogic Kriyas

Six actions are performed particularly to maintain the physique wholesome and clear. These are known as Shatkarma. The complete good thing about Asana-Pranayama isn’t attained with out bodily purification.

The human physique is made up of three important components. These often called Tridoshas or Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Any disparity between these 3 elements would be the reason for the ailments. These are saved balanced by some Yogic kriyas.

These Yogic kriyas are – 1. Trataka Kriya 2. Neti Kriya 3. Kapalbhati Kriya 4. Dhauti Kriya 5. Vasti Kriya 6. Nauli Kriya

Trataka Kriya For EyeSight

“Fixed gaze on an object or level known as Trataka Kriya”

The way to do-

Trataka Kriya is an eye fixed train that improves eye ailments or imaginative and prescient. Some easy steps are given beneath for Trataka Kriya.

  • Trataka kriyas are practiced by focusing the attention on a particular object.
  • Initially, that you must sit in a cushty place corresponding to sukhasana with out shifting.
  • Now, closing the eyes for just a few seconds.
  • Open your eyes and stare upon a specific object consistently.
  • For this, a candle may be positioned at a top parallel to the attention. And the Trataka kriya ought to be practiced constantly by sitting at a distance of two to a few ft from it. (It’s also possible to hold a photograph of your deities.)
  • Should you really feel a burning sensation in your eyes or tears roll in your eyes, blink and apply ought to be stopped instantly.
  • After that, palms ought to be rubbed completely to heat. The nice and cozy palms are positioned on the closed eyes.
  • Trataka kriya may be performed at any time. It’s nevertheless beneficial that you simply do it early within the morning or late at night time, every day for 20 minutes.

Advantages – Trataka is a crucial eye train that strengthens the attention muscle tissue. It improves eyesight, reminiscence, and concentrating the thoughts.

Neti Kriya For Higher Nasal Tract

Neti kriya also called Jala Neti kriya or Saline Nasal Irrigation.

The Neti kriya is finished to maintain the respiratory system clear and to take away poisonous substances from the nasal passages. It protects you from sinus, chilly, chilly, air pollution, and many others. Doing this additionally makes it simpler to do pranayama.

The Neti kriya is carried out in 3 ways – Sutra Neti, Jala Neti, and Kapal Neti.

How To Do – For Jala Neti, initially, you want a Neti Pot Which might simply penetrate into your nostril. A particular vessel is used to insert water into the nostril, which known as neti pot. Salty lukewarm water is utilized in Jal Nati. Take just a little lukewarm water within the neti pot and add a pinch of salt to it. Take care to not add an excessive amount of salt to the water.

  • To carry out Jala Neti, sit down and hold a brief distance between your two legs.
  • Bend ahead from the waist and tilt your head barely down.
  • Maintain the mouth open so that you simply don’t have hassle respiratory.
  • Now take a neti pot crammed with water and permit the water to enter by one of many nostrils and it’ll robotically come out from the opposite gap.
  • Needless to say water is to be poured slowly and in small portions.
  • After this, do that course of from the second gap of the nostril. After doing this motion from each holes, get up straight.
  • Jal Neti Yoga can be performed by standing and bending barely from the waist.

Advantages of Jal neti kriya

  • By the apply of Jala Neti Kriya, micro organism within the nostril are destroyed and efficient remedy of nostril illness and cough can be performed.
  • It additionally prevents hair from changing into white.
  • To treatment an individual affected by insomnia, Jal Neti is among the efficient yoga procedures.
  • Additionally, many ailments of the ear, nostril, enamel, throat, and many others. will not be attainable and the eyesight additionally turns into sharp.

Kapalabhati Kriya For Decrease Respiratory Tract

Kapalabhati is carried out earlier than Pranayama and simple. It accelerates your complete mind and awakens the idle mind facilities.

How To DoKapalbhati is a respiratory method wherein the correct means of inhalation and exhalation is finished. The inhalation or Puraka, it regular whereas the exhalation or Rechaka is speedy and forceful. Kumbhaka or holding of breath isn’t performed in Kapalbhati. On this yogic apply, solely inhalation and exhalation is carried out.

Advantages – This pranayama cleanses the cranial sinuses, and this helps in relieving from cerebral thrombosis.

  • It clears the thoughts and helps in controlling the ideas which primarily results in elevated focus, focus, and peace of thoughts.
  • It drastically reduces the chance of creating hernias.
  • Glowing and glowing skin may be seen by its apply.
  • It helps in awakening the Kundalini Shakti.
  • It purifies the nerves in addition to pranic channels

Dhauti Kriya For The Digestive Tract

Six methods of physique refinement are talked about within the Shatkarma – Dhauti, Basti, Neti, Nauli, Trataka and Kapalabhati. The that means of dhoti is – washing, this Kriya is part of hatha yoga. That is crucial of the 6 kriyas of Hatha Yoga.

How To Do – Initially, take a chunk of fantastic gentle cotton fabric two to a few inches huge and 7 to eight yards lengthy. Boil it in water. Squeeze correctly and dry in a clear place.

  • Now, take salty lukewarm water and soak the fabric within the water.
  • Sit down and hold a brief distance between your two legs.
  • Now put the higher finish of the fabric within the mouth and swallow the fabric slowly and drink a sip of heat water on the identical time.
  • Then slowly taken out fabric fastidiously.
  • The fabric is tough to swallow at first, however it turns into simpler by every day apply.
  • This method ought to first be practiced beneath the steerage of Yoga lecturers.

Advantages – By its apply, all ailments are eradicated from the physique and energy will increase within the physique.

  • It makes digestive energy highly effective additionally cleanses the abdomen.
  • It helps in eradicating extra acidity and ends constipation, indigestion, gasoline, and many others.
  • This Kriya can be useful in curing ailments like piles.
  • It additionally purifies the higher respiratory tract.

Vasta/ Basti Kriya And Shanka Prakshalana For The Decrease Digestive Tract

Vasta means a part of the Decrease stomach or digestive tract. Vasti yoga kriya is practiced to cleanse the decrease stomach, particularly the digestive system.

The Basti Kriya course of is carried out in two methods: Jala Basti and Sthal Basti.

The way to Do – To do that Kriya, take a bathtub in which you’ll be able to sit simply.

  • The water ought to be sufficient that the water ought to attain the navel.
  • In historic occasions, the Kriya was performed sitting within the river.
  • Now, Sucks water by the anus within the abdomen and do Uddyayanbandh.
  • Cease for some time. Get out of the water, go to the bathroom and discard water and sewage.

Advantages – Illnesses associated to Vata, Pitta, Kapha are cured by Vasti Kriya. It improves belly muscle tone. By this kriya, soiled air comes out and Cures digestive issues and constipation additionally.

Nauli Kriya For Belly Muscle tissue And Inner Organs

Nauli Kriya is the very best of Kriyas. This is a crucial train for the abdomen and inner organs. Navel actions are concerned on this Kriya. There are 4 kinds of Nauli Kriya.

  1. Uddhiyana Bandha: Take away the air forcefully from the mouth and pull the Nabhi inside.
  2. Vamanauli: When the Uddhiyanabandha turns into full, go away the muscle tissue in the course of the abdomen. The belly muscle tissue will appear to be a protracted tube. Transfer them to the left.
  3. South Nauli: After that transfer it to the proper aspect.
  4. Madhyama Nauli: Maintain it within the center and rapidly churn the muscle tissue by shifting from proper to left and from left to proper.

Subsequently, it may be mentioned that on this Kriya, extra consideration is paid to respiratory, stopping the breath, holding the breath, and exhaling, and many others.

Advantages – This is a crucial kriya for the abdomen, Belly Muscle tissue, And Inner Organs. This will increase urge for food. Many ailments associated to the liver, spleen, and abdomen are relieved. Sensible well being is attained by its apply. It additionally removes potential disabilities.

All yogic kriyas ought to be practiced beneath the specialty yoga trainer. Subsequently, these kriyas ought to be performed fastidiously. Make your physique pure and wholesome.

Incessantly Requested Query

Q: Can anybody apply Yogic Kriyas?

A: Whereas most individuals can apply Yogic Kriyas, it is very important study the strategies from a professional yoga trainer. Some practices, corresponding to Dhauti, require a sure stage of bodily and psychological preparation and ought to be discovered beneath the steerage of an skilled trainer.

Q: Are there any precautions to take whereas working towards Yogic Kriyas?

A: Sure, some precautions to take whereas working towards Yogic Kriyas embody beginning slowly and regularly growing the depth of the apply, avoiding working towards on a full abdomen, and avoiding forceful or extreme practices. You probably have any well being situations, it is very important seek the advice of together with your physician earlier than beginning any new yoga apply.

Q: How typically ought to I apply Yogic Kriyas?

A: The frequency of apply varies relying on the person’s wants and objectives. Some practitioners might profit from every day apply, whereas others might solely apply just a few occasions per week. You will need to take heed to your physique and modify the frequency of apply accordingly.

Q: Do I would like any particular gear or props to apply Yogic Kriyas?

A: Some practices, corresponding to Jala Neti and Sutra Neti, require a neti pot or a particular string. Different practices, corresponding to Kapalbhati and Trataka, don’t require any particular gear or props.

Q: Can Yogic Kriyas assist with weight reduction?

A: Whereas Yogic Kriyas will not be particularly designed for weight reduction, they could be a useful a part of a weight reduction program by bettering digestion, boosting metabolism, and lowering stress ranges.

Q: Can Yogic Kriyas assist with sleep issues?

A: Sure, some Yogic Kriyas, corresponding to Shavasana and Yoga Nidra, are particularly designed to advertise rest and enhance sleep high quality. Common apply of those strategies will help cut back stress and anxiousness, which are sometimes underlying causes of sleep issues.

Q: Can Yogic Kriyas be practiced throughout being pregnant?

A: Some Yogic Kriyas may be practiced throughout being pregnant with modifications, whereas others ought to be averted. You will need to seek the advice of with a professional yoga trainer who has expertise working with pregnant ladies to find out which practices are secure and useful throughout being pregnant.

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