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Vajrasana: How To do, Advantages, Precautions

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Vajrasana is actually a kneeling posture that originated from the Sanskrit phrases, Vajra which means thunderbolt or diamond, and Asana which means pose. This pose is also referred to as the Admintine pose. Usually, breathing exercises similar to Kapalbhati Pranayama, and Anulom Vilom are mainly finished whereas sitting, and it’s usually stated that when it’s finished so, the physique basically turns into robust as a diamond.

This yoga is usually speculated to be finished with an empty abdomen, however this yoga can simply be carried out after having a meal. Extra to this, additionally it is fairly efficient when it’s finished instantly after taking a meal. This posture promotes correct digestion of the meals.

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How To Do Vajrasana

  • First, you should kneel down and stretch the decrease legs backward whereas protecting them stick collectively. The massive toes have to cross one another.
  • Now gently decrease the physique in the way in which that the buttocks relaxation on the heals and the thighs relaxation on the calf muscular tissues
  • Place the palms on the knees after which set the gaze ahead with the pinnacle straight as a lot as you’ll be able to.
  • Now put correct consideration on respiratory. Just be sure you are utterly self-aware of your respiratory and likewise rigorously observe whereas inhaling and exhaling
  • Shut the eyes to focus on the respiratory and likewise preserve your thoughts calm.
  • Attempt to be on this pose for at the least 5 to 10 minutes.

Advantages Of Vajrasana

  • It proves digestion and likewise eliminates constipation by recurrently practising it.
  • Higher digestion additionally prevents acidity and ulcers.
  • It strengthens the again and likewise relieves the practitioner affected by any decrease again issues and even sciatica
  • It strengthens the muscular tissues of the pelvis.
  • It helps in easing out labor pains and likewise helps in lowering menstrual cramps.
  • It’s the greatest asana to enter meditate state since it’s a pose the place the physique is upright.


Whereas this pose is extraordinarily helpful, there are some precautions that you should take.

  • Keep away from this asana in case you endure from a knee drawback, otherwise you had gone surgical procedure in your knees just lately.
  • Pregnant ladies have to preserve the knees slight away whereas they observe this asana such that it doesn’t put stress on the stomach.
  • In case you’ve spinal column illnesses, particularly on the decrease vertebrae, you must keep away from this pose.
  • Folks affected by a hernia, intestinal ulcers or some other illnesses associated to small or giant intestines ought to solely observe this yoga beneath the correct steerage of a yoga trainer.


Vajrasana is a agency, regular pose, and those that observe it could actually’t be simply shaken. It’s also a meditative pose, however when you’re sitting on this pose, it may be a bit difficult. The practitioner wants to overcome the ache that happens within the legs and likewise the unrest that’s in thoughts with a view to grasp this pose in addition to enter the meditative state. One has to coach themselves to take a seat nonetheless correctly.

Steadily Requested Questions (FAQ) about Vajrasana

Q: Can anybody do Vajrasana?

A: Vajrasana is usually thought-about secure for most individuals, but it surely might not be appropriate for everybody. When you have knee or ankle issues, it’s best to keep away from this posture. Pregnant ladies must also keep away from this posture, particularly within the later phases of being pregnant.

Q: When ought to I do Vajrasana?

A: Vajrasana could be finished at any time of the day, however it’s best to do it on an empty abdomen. It’s also really helpful to do it after meals to assist digestion.

Q: How lengthy ought to I maintain Vajrasana?

A: You’ll be able to maintain Vajrasana for so long as you’re comfy. It is strongly recommended to begin with a couple of minutes and regularly improve the time as your physique turns into extra accustomed to the posture.

Q: Are there any precautions I ought to take whereas doing Vajrasana?

A: Sure, you must keep away from doing Vajrasana when you’ve got any knee or ankle issues. For those who expertise any ache or discomfort whereas doing the posture, you must cease instantly. It’s also really helpful to observe Vajrasana beneath the steerage of a certified yoga teacher.

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