Makarasana (Crocodile Pose) | Steps | Advantages | Precautions

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Crocodile Pose is extensively generally known as Makarasana and Nakarasana. Makarasana is a Sanskrit identify that’s derived from two phrases Makar+Asana. Makar means Crocodile and Asana means yoga posture.

The Makarasana is deeply restorative and is a part of the Padma Sadhana sequence. Crocodile Pose is a newbie yoga pose that’s also referred to as a soothing pose in English. Crocodile Pose resembles a crocodile taking a relaxation within the water, the face and neck above the water, and the remaining within the water.

It will also be used as a substitute for Shavasana, wherein the entire physique is in a state of leisure. The aim of Makarasana is to scale back the pressure attributable to practising different yoga asanas so it’s carried out after the tip of the yoga session. The advantages of Makarasana (Crocodile Pose) for back, and shoulder issues and supply psychological peace for all ages, lowering stress and anxiousness, and regulating blood stress.

Makarasana Fast Information

Sanskrit Identify: Makarasana and Nakarasana
English Identify: Crocodile Pose
Stage: Newbie
Type: Hatha Yoga
Place: Susceptible
Sort: Restorative
Strengthens: Shoulders, Arms, And Chest
Stretches: Arms, Legs, And Buttocks

How To Do Makarasana (Crocodile Pose) and it’s Preparatory , Comply with-up poses

  1. Lie flat the other way up or in your stomach, on the yoga mat.
  2. Straighten the legs and preserve the physique straight. There shouldn’t be a lot stress within the physique and can even preserve the physique mildly versatile.
  3. Keep equal distance between each ft.
  4. After this, raise your head, chest, and shoulders barely above the bottom.
  5. Bend the elbows of each arms and place the wrists on high of one another in such a manner that the elbows stay within the bent place.
  6. After this, fold the palms, relaxation your head on these palms, and preserve your eyes closed whereas taking a deep breath.
  7. Or Unfold each arms equal to the shoulders. Palms in the direction of the sky, whereas pulling each the ft out, pull each arms on either side.
  8. Carry good ideas within the thoughts and neglect all of the issues of the world and give attention to posture and preserve respiration.
  9. Keep within the asana for a couple of minutes.
  10. To come back out from Makarasana deliver your legs collectively, take away your palms, opens your arms, and rollover.

Preparatory Poses

Comply with-Up Poses

Advantages of Makarasana (Crocodile Pose)

The Makarasana is generally thought of to breathe slowly, deeply, and effectively. This asana can be one of many yoga for beginners asana.

  • This pose is extremely helpful for extended intervals of Pranayama, and Deep Meditation.
  • The necessary curing of the Makarasana is Slip disc, Sciatica, Spondylitis, and lots of sorts of spinal disordered.
  • This yoga posture can be relieving for the shoulder, backbone, and full physique.
  • By practising this asana, the stress within the muscle tissue of the shoulders and backbone is diminished and the muscle tissue grow to be sturdy and versatile.
  • Additionally useful in eliminating hypertension, coronary heart illness, stress, fatigue, psychological dysfunction, and well being issues.
  • The pose brings the blood stress below management and reduces the load on the center.


  • Don’t transfer your physique within the follow of the asana.
  • Must be averted this asana within the disturbing environment.
  • Keep away from this pose if in case you have a critical again and knee harm.
  • A minimum of preserve a 3-5 hour hole between your follow and meal.
  • The stress on the stomach shouldn’t be protected so Pregnant ladies ought to keep away from this pose.
  • Keep away from if it’s a must to endure from hypertension.


Makarasana is completed to really feel refreshed all through the day. Due to this fact, the most important advantage of this mudra is to the mind itself. It is extremely helpful in holding the thoughts centered and eradicating the issue of stress.

Often Requested Questions About Makarasana (Crocodile Pose)

Q: What’s Makarasana?

A: It’s a yoga posture wherein you lie down in your abdomen along with your arms stretched out in entrance of you, your palms resting on the bottom. Your legs are straight and your toes are pointed outwards.

Q: What are the advantages of Makarasana?

A: It’s helpful for strengthening the decrease again muscle tissue and enhancing posture. It additionally helps to scale back stress and stress within the physique and may also help to alleviate decrease again ache.

Q: How do I carry out Makarasana?

A: To carry out Makarasana, lie down in your abdomen along with your arms stretched out in entrance of you and your palms resting on the bottom. Preserve your legs straight and your toes pointed outwards. Loosen up your physique and breathe deeply.

Q: Is Makarasana appropriate for learners?

A: Sure, Makarasana is a comparatively easy yoga posture and is appropriate for learners.

Q: What precautions ought to I take when performing Makarasana?

A: If in case you have any decrease again accidents or issues, it’s best to seek the advice of with a physician or a yoga teacher earlier than trying this pose. Additionally, ensure that to breathe deeply and calm down your physique throughout the pose.

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