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Burning Stomach

Abdomen Burning is a standard digestive situation that usually happens resulting from indigestion, also called dyspepsia. Nonetheless, prescription, over-the-counter medicines, and a few dwelling cures for abdomen burning can simply relieve signs.

What’s Abdomen Burning?

A burning sensation within the abdomen is a discomfort or ache within the higher stomach, often just under the breastbone. It might probably really feel like a sizzling or burning sensation that could be accompanied by different signs reminiscent of bloating, nausea, and vomiting. The feeling will be gentle to extreme and should happen intermittently or persistently and could also be accompanied by different signs reminiscent of nausea, vomiting, bloating, and belching.

What Causes Abdomen Burning After Consuming Meals?

A burning sensation within the abdomen after consuming will be resulting from many causes. Following are among the causes:

Overdose: Whenever you eat massive quantities of meals at mealtimes, there may be extra manufacturing of acid contained in the abdomen, which makes you’re feeling heartburn.

Incorrect means of consuming: In case you quick whereas swallowing meals, the meals turns into crowded, making you’re feeling heartburn.

Ulcers: Individuals affected by abdomen ulcers could really feel a burning sensation even after consuming.

Diseased digestive system: Even when your digestive system isn’t wholesome, it’s possible you’ll really feel heartburn after consuming.

Meals That Can Trigger Abdomen Burning

There are a number of sorts of meals that may trigger abdomen burning or heartburn, together with:

  1. Spicy meals: Spices reminiscent of chili powder, black pepper, and sizzling sauce can irritate the liner of the abdomen and trigger burning sensations.
  2. Citrus fruits: Citrus fruits and juices like oranges, lemons, and grapefruits include excessive ranges of acid, which might trigger irritation and burning within the abdomen.
  3. Tomatoes and tomato-based merchandise: Tomatoes and tomato-based merchandise reminiscent of ketchup, tomato sauce, and salsa are extremely acidic and might trigger abdomen burning.
  4. Fried and fatty meals: Excessive-fat meals like fried rooster, French fries, and onion rings may cause abdomen burning as a result of they take longer to digest and might result in acid reflux disorder.
  5. Carbonated drinks: Carbonated drinks like soda and glowing water may cause abdomen burning as a result of they will improve the manufacturing of abdomen acid.
  6. Alcohol Consumption: Consuming alcohol, particularly in extra, may cause abdomen burning as a result of it irritates the liner of the abdomen and will increase acid manufacturing.
  7. Having Too A lot Caffeine and Tea: Espresso and tea include caffeine, which might trigger abdomen burning by growing acid manufacturing.

In case you expertise abdomen burning after consuming, it could be useful to keep away from all these meals or restrict your consumption of them. Moreover, consuming smaller, extra frequent meals and avoiding mendacity down after consuming may also help forestall abdomen burning. In case your signs persist or are extreme, it is very important seek the advice of a health care provider.

Cures for Abdomen Burning

Abdomen burning or acidity is a standard situation that may be attributable to a wide range of components reminiscent of spicy or oily meals, stress, alcohol consumption, smoking, and sure medical situations. Listed here are some cures which will assist alleviate abdomen burning:

Ripe banana

Banana’s excessive potassium degree makes it an alkaline meals, which may also help neutralize abdomen acid that irritates your esophagus. Alternatively, unripe bananas are much less alkaline and starch-heavy and might trigger acid reflux disorder in some individuals. So ensure you at all times select ripe bananas.

Cut back your stress degree

Continual stress has bodily results in your physique, slowing digestion and making you extra delicate to ache. Abdomen burning is extra widespread as a result of meals stays in your abdomen for a very long time.


Amla ends the grievance of phlegm and bile. Vitamin C is present in loads of it. All of the organs of the abdomen turn out to be wholesome by way of its use. It additionally controls acidity. Eat amla murabba and powder or powder twice a day. It will calm the burning sensation within the abdomen.

Lemon juice

Abdomen ulcers can even trigger a burning sensation within the abdomen. In such a state of affairs, the consumption of lemon juice will be helpful to some extent on this downside. In truth, lemon has been proven to have antiulcer results, which might scale back the danger of heartburn, exhibiting a considerably optimistic impact in ulcer situations.

Chilly milk

Chilly milk will also be used as a house treatment for heartburn and heartburn. Chilly milk has antacid (acidity-reducing) properties, which may also help relieve heartburn by lowering hyperacidity (a extreme type of acidity).


In accordance with Ayurveda specialists, cumin may be very efficient in relieving irritation and ulcers. Such efficient substances are present in cumin which accelerates the digestion course of. Develops metabolism and relieves fuel, constipation, and gastric issues. Cumin prevents bitter belching. At any time when there’s a burning sensation within the abdomen, chew and suck some cumin seeds or boil some cumin seeds in water and hold them properly. Drink this everytime you begin having abdomen burning. By doing this, burning will relax instantly.

Salty water

At any time when there’s a burning sensation within the abdomen, combine somewhat salt in a glass of water and blend it properly, then drink it slowly. Saltwater is a straightforward treatment for acidity, which is thought to be very efficient.

Jaggery after meal

The principle cause for the burning sensation within the chest and abdomen is the irregularity of the juices produced for the digestion of meals. Due to this fact, to get aid from this downside, it is best to suck a small piece of jaggery each day after your meal. Take into account that it’s not to be eaten shortly however to be sucked slowly. This will increase the digestive capability of the abdomen and offers aid burning sensation.

Don’t overeat

Consuming an excessive amount of meals additionally causes a burning sensation within the chest and abdomen. Due to this fact, as a substitute of consuming a whole lot of meals in a single go, eat small quantities many occasions, this may make it simpler for the abdomen to digest meals and there will likely be no downside with a burning sensation. Aside from this, use inexperienced chilies as a substitute of crimson chilies in meals and keep away from spicy meals.


Burning sensations within the abdomen can disrupt your life, nevertheless it doesn’t should. Nonetheless, this burning sensation doesn’t typically sign a trigger for concern.

It’s exhausting to imagine you can reverse your well being issues through the use of easy dwelling cures to ease your abdomen burning.

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