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Watermelon: Vitamin Details, Energy, And Well being Advantages

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benefits of watermelon

In summer time, it turns into just a little troublesome to assuage thirst, preserve the physique hydrated, improve immunity, defend your eyes from the sturdy solar, defend your self from heatstroke in addition to maintain hair and pores and skin. Aside from this, vomiting, diarrhea, and digestive issues are additionally widespread in summer time. To keep away from all this, utilizing other ways might make us lazy. However have you ever ever thought, with all these plethoras of issues, there’s a single resolution, that’s Watermelon?
Sure, you thought it proper – you may scale back these issues with the advantages of watermelon.

Watermelon is essentially the most particular summer time fruit. As mentioned earlier, there may be no higher different to eradicating warmth than watermelon. Truly, it’s a mine of virtues and may overcome lots of your issues in a pinch.

Studies inform us Watermelon cultivation was first practiced in China and in Egypt about 5000 years in the past. However now watermelon is grown all around the world. Watermelon is massive in dimension. It’s darkish pink on the within and greenish-yellow on the skin. Watermelon comprises greater than 90 % of water. By the way in which, now watermelons have gotten available out there each season. However the melon we get pleasure from in summer time is just not the reply.

Watermelon Vitamin Details

One of the vital important vitamins is Lycopene in watermelon which is answerable for many of the watermelon advantages.

On the Research-based, we are able to say, the consumption of 100 g watermelon offers 30 kcal. it’s low energy fruit with some vitamins, particularly carotenoids, vitamin C, and flavonoids, fats, and ldl cholesterol.

It comprises 92% water and seven.55 % of carbohydrates out of which 6.2 % are sugars and 0.4 % dietary fiber.

It’s a large supply of ß-carotene and acts as an antioxidant and precursor of nutritional vitamins A & B1 and B6 nutritional vitamins.

Moreover, watermelon comprises vital mineral components resembling iron calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium.

What number of energy are in a Watermelon?

The variety of energy in watermelon can differ relying on the dimensions and number of the fruit. On common, a 100-gram serving of watermelon comprises about 30 energy. A complete watermelon usually weighs between 5 and 30 kilos, which signifies that a single watermelon can include wherever from 250 to 1500 energy. It’s price noting that watermelon is a low-calorie fruit, and it’s additionally a wonderful supply of hydration, fiber, and important nutritional vitamins and minerals.

Well being Advantages Of Watermelon

Watermelon is contemporary fruit, it’s loaded with vitamins-A, C, phosphorus, magnesium, and different vitamins. Anti-oxidant ranges rise in totally ripe and juicy watermelons. Lycopene, an antioxidant that provides the pink coloration to watermelons, promotes coronary heart well being. Not solely the fruit of watermelon, its peel and seed are additionally hidden many qualities inside which we are able to all profit from the data. So let’s speak now and know the advantages of consuming watermelon.

Retains The Physique Hydrated

In summer time, there’s a threat of dehydration as a consequence of a scarcity of water within the physique. Consumption of watermelon is useful to keep away from this as a result of the presence of Electrolytes in watermelon with (Study)92 % water is taken into account ample to beat the shortage of water within the physique.

Aids Digestion

As analysis suggests, watermelon is wealthy in water, and water is taken into account to be crucial component in digesting meals. It is usually wealthy in fiber, helps stop constipation and promotes regularity for a wholesome digestive system.

Weight Loss

In right this moment’s time, each second individual is troubled by weight problems, if you’re additionally upset along with your weight, then watermelon can show to be useful in eliminating this drawback. Watermelon comprises only a few energy, however after its consumption, there isn’t a feeling of starvation for a very long time. Whereas consuming watermelon on one facet, the place you get loads of water throughout weight-reduction plan, your abdomen can be saturated because of the fiber in it, in order that you’ll not really feel weak point. Watermelon comprises a component referred to as citrulline which helps in decreasing the fats from the physique. Water loss have to be included within the weight loss diet plan.

Prevents Bronchial asthma

Excessive ranges of vitamin C point out a lower in bronchial asthma signs. Watermelons are stuffed with vitamin C, so their consumption helps defend in opposition to the chance of bronchial asthma. Lycopene in melon additionally reduces the pathophysiological options of bronchial asthma.

Enhance Coronary heart Well being

Top-of-the-line watermelon well being advantages is that it has a number of heart-healthy elements too. 

In response to studies Consuming watermelon or consuming its juice day by day can stop the buildup of dangerous ldl cholesterol, which might trigger coronary heart illness.

Lycopene is a strong antioxidant that provides watermelon its pink coloration. Researchers are discovering rising proof that correct food plan and vitamin are vital components within the prevention of decrease ldl cholesterol in addition to blood stress. This fruit additionally an excellent supply of many different nutritional vitamins and minerals like A, B6, C, magnesium, and potassium. these all are good for coronary heart well being.

Forestall Most cancers

A study means that the consumption of lycopene-rich fruits & greens has been implicated in sure cancers. Watermelon comprises essentially the most lycopene that may scale back the chance of most cancers particularly.

Moreover, Research performed on Lycopene might scale back the negative effects of chemotherapy as a consequence of its antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties. 

Warmth Stroke

Watermelon is a powerhouse of water that relieves thirst. Subsequently it really works to guard the physique from dehydration. Heatstroke doesn’t have an effect on the quantity of fluid within the physique.


Watermelon is an effective supply of Vitamin-A, so watermelon has many advantages for the eyes too. It is usually referred to as finest for retinol as a result of it produces pigments within the retina of the attention(Study).

Good for Pores and skin and Hair

Watermelon has many advantages for the pores and skin in addition to Hair. There may be a whole lot of water in it, so it moisturizes the pores and skin by eradicating its dryness. This fruit additionally has two vital compounds, that are Vitamin A and C. These nutritional vitamins are finest for pores and skin and hair well being.

Tooth Care

This fruit comprises Vitamin A that helps to take care of wholesome enamel. (Study). Aside from this, it additionally has an excellent quantity of vitamin C and minerals resembling potassium and dietary fiber. Vitamin C is taken into account very helpful for enamel and gums.

Advantages Of Watermelon For Pregnant Girls

Watermelon is a powerhouse of vitamins like folic acid, calcium, vitamin-A, and B12 & C, and iron. These are all wanted throughout being pregnant. Vitamin A has a job in a wholesome being pregnant and breastfeeding (Study).

Throughout being pregnant, there’s a threat of dehydration as a consequence of a scarcity of water within the physique in summer time. Consumption of watermelon is useful to keep away from this.

Watermelon Seeds Advantages

Each black and white seeds of watermelon are fairly helpful. These two look completely different as a consequence of maturity solely.

These seeds are wealthy in micronutrients like potassium, copper, selenium, and zinc, and so forth. We’re typically not in a position to meet the deficiency of such vitamins by means of our food plan. Aside from these it wealthy in protein and vitamin B.

Watermelon seeds have increased dietary content material than different meals. These are low in energy however excessive in protein and lots of nutritional vitamins. Aside from this, it additionally comprises excessive quantities of important fatty acids.

To get the advantages of this seed, eat a number of watermelon seeds frequently. If you wish to eat watermelon seeds immediately, boil them, eat them by sprouting, or eat them in a salad. They’re additionally out there out there. The exhausting high of the melon seeds discovered out there is eliminated, so they appear white.

Watermelon Juice Advantages

Consuming watermelon is just not solely tasty but in addition helpful for well being, you may as well get the advantages of watermelon within the type of watermelon juice.

Watermelon juice is taken into account essentially the most consumed power drink in the summertime season. Watermelon juice not solely fulfills the shortage of water within the physique but in addition offers an enough quantity of vitamins.

A watermelon Detox drink may be very a lot favored by youngsters and adults as a gentle drink.

Watermelon juice helps stop most cancers, scale back irritation, preserve pores and skin wholesome, enhance imaginative and prescient, liver safety, hydrated your physique, increase immunity, and assist in weight reduction.


Total, watermelon is a refreshing and wholesome fruit that may present a spread of well being advantages when consumed as a part of a balanced food plan.

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